The Abandoned Grossinger’s Catskill Resort

For some time now, a few of the people at my school had been getting together and going to a few nearby abandoned sites, one such being an abandoned school called Holy Cross. Naturally, I wanted to go as well until I found out the sites they had been visiting were almost completely demolished. All that was truly left was some basic structural elements. It felt like a missed opportunity to go somewhere exciting and new. I told my friend Garrett that I wanted to tag along on these adventures, but that we should go somewhere with a little more to it. Garrett agreed, and I quickly gained permission from the other members of the group to join. A google search of abandoned sites in the area pulled up an old resort known as Grossinger’s Catskill Resort that had been abandoned for over twenty years now. It looked absolutely stunning, with several buildings still in great shape and a massive, gorgeous indoor pool. It even had its own airstrip and was the first place to use artificial snow. Needless to say, we all agreed we needed to go. We quickly worked out a date that everyone agreed on, and set it in stone a few weeks in advance.

Cut to a few days before we embarked, and one of the members of our group, Azure, cancelled. He had to go to improv classes and could not make it. We decided to keep the date anyway, as we had all been looking forward to it. The day before our trip we found out it was going to be well below freezing when we went, and another member, Otis, dropped out. Undaunted by those we had to leave behind, the next day, Garrett, Joe, Sam, and I set off on a trip to Liberty, New York.

I woke up half an hour late to Garrett walking into my room. “You’re not up yet?” he asked rhetorically. It was 8:30 am, and I was exhausted. I wanted to go later, but Sam had insisted we go earlier as to leave us more time to explore there. I quickly threw together an outfit with my heavy red down coat, some jeans, and some thick snowboots. We took my car and hightailed it over to a local restaurant we all agreed to meet at. As we pulled up, we saw Sam and Joe walking across the street and we pulled over to pick them up. I put “Ridin’ Dirty” by Chamillionaire on the car stereo and we took off.

The trip was fairly long, and not much happened, so I’ll skip over it.

Once we arrived we came to a dilemma, where do we park? We decided to drive down the road near the golf course and look for an entry point. When we found one, we realized we couldn’t park the car there, so Joe, Sam, and I got out of the car, got our gear, and headed in through a break in the fence while Garrett drove on and looked for a place to park.

Getting past the fence was the easiest part however, as the snow was about two feet deep and we had to trek several thousand feet in. We first came across what appeared to be a small lodge, with a large common space and bathrooms. We took some photos, but as the area was not very exciting and we thought we heard a raccoon, we decided to head out in search of the indoor pool.

We quickly came across another entry point, littered with some of the less impressive graffiti at Grossinger’s. It was a section connected to the main building where a wall had collapsed and it was open to the outside. We headed in, wiped off our feet, and started looking around. We still had not reconnected with Garrett, and decided to look for him before searching for the indoor pool.

As we wandered around we came to a courtyard that seemed to be the best way to traverse the resort since some of the floors were collapsing and had holes that were more than a few feet across. We headed again into the snowy outdoors where, as we were heading into some sort of garage/shed, we came across Garrett. Garrett told us he had been to the indoor pool, and would show us the way. As we stood there in the courtyard, Sam examined tire tracks in the snow and insisted that they were “fresh” and it was dangerous. Any noise from the nearby roads would set him off as well. Joe, Garrett, and I figured heading inside would calm his paranoia, so we let Garrett show us to the indoor pool. Luckily it was only a short walk away, and we came upon the breathtaking pool. It was truly like no sight we had ever seen, as theotherhudsonvalley put it, the colored glass lets light shine through in a way reminiscent of a cathedral. The room was absolutely massive, with high ceilings and the occasional sputnik-looking piece that hung from it. It was in much better shape than the rest of the resort, and surprisingly much of the glass was still intact, adding to the beauty of the area. It appears that there is some honor among urban explorers.

Later, as we explored the rest of the buildings, we decided to look for the also massive outdoor pool. This was when a moving company called “Ryder” van pulled into the driveway of Grossinger’s to do a U-turn. Sam shouted “RYDER VAN! LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” to us, as none of us were freaking out as much as he was. “What even is Ryder?” I asked Sam, assuming he would know based off of his response. “It’s a security firm!” he beguiled. We started to run, or as close to run as we could in two feet of snow, out of there. On our way out, we found the outdoor pool, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to get many photos as Sam was intent on getting out of there before the moving company sent their elite task force after us.

After that, we decided to never bring Sam again on adventures.


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